Steam freezing whole computer


Every time I try to open Steam since the latest updates group was released, the computer freezes every time I try to open Steam. Sometime it tries to go through the 'updating' process again and then freezes after that and when it would open Steam, sometimes it doesn't even do that before the computer freezes. The harddrives are not spinning, the computer's not getting overworked and freezing because it can't keep up with everything. Everything halts and the computer just freezes, the screen frozen and nothing works except the 4-second-hold hard shut down.
The thing is that it works in safe mode, which (unless I'm misunderstanding something) tells me that it's not Steam itself doing this, it's something else running that doesn't boot up in Safe Mode but does in normal mode, and this thing doesn't like when Steam is running. But what could it be?

Please help.

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