Problem - wallpaper in GPO of Windows 2003 in Windows 7

We are now testing Windows 7 for our corporate deployment. Our domain is still in Windows 2003 and I am using a GPO for our corporate wallpaper. The problem is that, when it is applying the GPO, the desktop turns black and I need to select the Windows 7 Aero Themes to Windows 7 for the GPO wallpaper that I set to show. The other this that I did is save the theme but every time I looged in , I will reselect the save theme which is unacceptable. I read this problem from technet forum and it seems that this is a bug. If you have solution for this in your deployment, please post it here.... We need to deploy the Windows 7 but we don't have any plan to upgrade our domain to Windows 2008 for now.

Please help.

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