Hotkey Plugin API


If you want to make a plugin that tries to provide new hotkeys for TeamSpeak you'll have to implement your own hotkey settings dialog and try to reimplement every hotkey action using the Plugin SDK functions. And even if you go through all that, you'll only be able to provide a small subset of the all the hotkey actions supported by TeamSpeak. Therefore I suggest a new API to be added to the Plugin SDK that communicates to TeamSpeak when a custom hotkey provided by a plugin is pressed. TeamSpeak can respond to this hotkey like any other keyboard input so that you can configure these hotkeys from the same hotkey settings dialog. And with that we'll be able to support all the hotkey actions supported by TeamSpeak without writing any extra code. I'm the creator of the Logitech G-Key plugin and I'd love to keep supporting it, but the current situation is an unmaintainable mess due to all the different hotkey actions that need to be reimplemented.

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