Configurar slot reservado - Counter Strike Source

Abra com o bloco de notas mani_server.cfg (source dedicated server\cstrike\cfg)

// ************************************************** ***************************
// Module : Reserve Slot
// Desc : The Reserve slot module configuration cvars
// ************************************************** ***************************

// Turn on off reserve slots
mani_reserve_slots 0

// Number of reserve slots you have
mani_reserve_slots_number_of_slots 1

// User defined message shown in players console when kicked
mani_reserve_slots_kick_message "You were disconnected for using a reserve slot"

// User defined message for redirection of players to another server
mani_reserve_slots_redirect_message "This server is full, you are being redirected to another one of our servers"

// The IP address of the server you wish to redirect players to. Leave it blank
// if you do not want redirection to be used
mani_reserve_slots_redirect ""

// This defines whether you want your reserve slots to fill with reserve players
// or always be kept free (1 = allow slots to fill, 0 = always keeps slots free
// and kick player instead)
mani_reserve_slots_allow_slot_fill 1

// Type of method used to kick players, 0 = by highest ping (spectators first),
// 1 = by connection time (spectators go first)
mani_reserve_slots_kick_method 1

// Include admins in the adminlist.txt file as players who have reserve slots
// (1 = include admins)
mani_reserve_slots_include_admin 1

Para colocar slot reservado, mude:

// Turn on off reserve slots
mani_reserve_slots 0


// Turn on off reserve slots
mani_reserve_slots 1
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